Letter Birds

Pam’s simple and colorful graphic illustrations of birds from around the world make up this delightful book. Every letter has a corresponding bird, from the well-known C for Cardinal to the more obscure and exotic, like L for the brightly colored Lapwing. How many people know what bird starts with “X” or “U” or even “Z”? Children (and parents!) will discover a wondrous array of birds brought to life with fun, colorful illustrations and, in the process, learn the alphabet.

"We love birds. That’s part of the reason why we love Chagrin Falls resident Pam Spremulli’s kids book Letter Birds, which uses beautifully illustrated pictures to teach kids their ABCs. (“C” is for Cardinal; “L” is for Lapwing….) We also love the book because it’s just plain adorable.”

Letter Birds was honored the Gold Mom's Choice Award for Distinguished Illustrations! Letter Birds is available everywhere books are sold.

The "Letter Birds" song, written & recorded by Jackson Rohm, is available on iTunes.

The heART of Cleveland

"The heART of Cleveland" is a book for Cleveland by Cleveland. Cleveland's history, architecture, people, sports, food, music, nature and culture will be represented through the eyes of Cleveland's finest artists, both past and present. Through photography, illustration, paintings, essays, sculpture, installations and poetry, the diversity of our city will be shown through the diversity of its artists.






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